Women in construction

Sorry for the down time all, I had a bit of a hard drive crash on my web server, and it took me a while to start a new site due to some recent time constraints (see below). Unfortunately I’ve lost all my previous posts, but it’s okay because I’ve been meaning to get going with a fresh start anyway. So here goes.

I’ve decided to build my own house, from scratch, all by myself. I haven’t decided yet exactly where, how, or when. But I’ll be doing it and I hope to be posting regular updates here about my progress. I hope to learn something about residential construction, but also something about doing it from a female perspective.

This morning I thought I would look to Youtube for some perspective and/or inspiration, but all I could find was condescending drivel aimed at bringing more women into the construction trades, typically sponsored by unions who presumably want to increase their membership rolls. Here’s an example:

I don’t know how to feel about these sorts of videos, empowered or insulted? Like there is still some question, in 2014 about a woman’s “place” in the world? Do we need to be begged to take a job that someone might think isn’t appropriate for women? Here’s a state-sponsored campaign that is similar:

At least this one is a little more honest: “We just don’t have enough men for the jobs, so now we’re recruiting women” (this one is from Canada):

Anyway, I’m not planning to get a job in construction. I’m happy where I am now. But I do want to learn to build a house and go through the process of building my own house just for my own emotional well-being. I will do it myself to prove that I can. Like a bird builds a nest, so should a human be able to build a house. I plan on posting more about my motivations here in the near future. Stay tuned!